Emmet Cheatsheet PDF Booklet

Today I wanted to print Emmet cheat-sheet as a booklet. Unfortunately, printable PDF of the cheat-sheet from their site is in A5 format which is not super-usable for printing on home printers. So I took that PDF and reformated it for A4 printing.

The copy of A4 Emmet cheatsheet can be downloaded here:

Click to download file


Please take care of the following things:

  • Your printer should be able to print on both sides of the paper. (turn “Two Sided” printing)
  • Use “Flip Over” option for printing on the back side. (or similar – depending on your printer options)


After you print the PDF staple the papers and enjoy the booklet!
If you don’t know how to staple booklet: How to staple a booklet.

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