Zenburst for EditPlus

With the new version of EditPlus we have possibility to design custom themes. It is long awaited feature which gives us possibility to set our own colors for the favorite editor. As I am getting older, the bright default color scheme is getting less friendly for my tired eyes.

So I decided to make Edit Plus version of Zenburn. It is dark theme with nice contrast and definitely makes editing in EP more pleasant.

Zenburst theme preview
Zenburst theme preview

Download this theme and unzip it. In EditPlus go to: Tools > Preferences > General (Colors) and click on “Import” on the left side of the window. Browse to the theme and import it.

PS. This theme is tested with js, html, php and lua syntax files. If you use different syntax and the theme doesn’t look good, send me a note and I’ll fix it.

Download theme

Click to download file

4 thoughts on “Zenburst for EditPlus

  1. Hi,
    I am looking for a dark theme for sql (and /or oracle pl/sql) for editplus. Do you have a dark theme like this one for sql?

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