Animated Extrusion

The idea behind this project is to investigate forms created as “time imprint” of moving 2D and 3D objects through space, while simultaneously changing their transformations: translation, rotation, scaling, etc. The movement develops along a path that can be either assigned or random. In this manner, the movement, only possible with the time component, remains “frozen” in the form of a solid model. Hence, we may assume time as a modeling tool, which connects and unites successive movements of an object into a whole.

The procedure in question is visualized with Blender 3D animation and modeling tools. The render examples visualise time based extrusion of the object’s random transformations in 3D space. The transformations are randomly generated and controlled by noise function.

The given modeling method provides simple and quick, but very intriguing options for creating a wide range of shapes that can be used in various areas of art and design: from graphic design, to a novel way of sculptural and even architectural design. These forms may convincingly represent natural and bionic forms, e.g. hair strands, vegetation growth, etc. The possibility of 3D printing enables the physical materialization of these shapes suitable for further processing and use for decorative purposes, such as architectural ornaments or jewellery.

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